Naira Muradyan was born on December 17, 1961 in Yerevan. In 1977 she went to Terlemezian Art School where studied painting. Starting from the 1980 she worked as a production designer in the animation department at the Armenfilm studio. Together with other members of the department Naira formed a surrealistic language of the Armenian school of animation, which is the most rebellious and cheerful in the Soviet scene. From 1997 to 2008 she was a set decorator and costume designer in theater. During the same time she worked as an animator and production designer on television. In 2005 Naira delved into her own animations and since then has produced 10 short films. Her shorts The Road, Little Soldier and Ballet have received prizes at several international film festivals. Naira’s latest film, The Winged, premiered at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival in 2021.



Short film Animation inspired by Parajanov's Art
Duration: 10 minutes
Technique: Oil Painting, 2d Animation

Shall there be a theme or not? - this is the film’s point. Things that we love during our lifetime - is it a theme? There is nothing in our life that has not been written, painted, shot or sung about. There are so many films about The Important! And so many scenes from those films that deeply touch your heart! The desire to draw these scenes and bring them under one roof was my initial inspiration. Narrating related-unrelated scenes is reminiscent of a collage, and a collage reminds one of Parajanov. Parajanov, seated on the clouds, looking at the clouds, whose last film wasn’t shot. It was not shot, leaving everyone a chance to dream and imagine their own version of the film. Every time you read the scenario of ‘Confession’ you see a different film. When you look at the sketches(storyboards), you imagine their movements and progression. By adopting the opening scenes, you then create a continuation, but leave the ending to the viewer, so it continues to continue-this very much is the point of the film! To introduce the Master to YouTube search field and view through his eyes those scenes that touched your heart. To make him laugh or make him sad, in other words, to move him. To retell the scenes to the viewer seated on the clouds above- is it a theme or not?

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